NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded to Dr. Darryl Seligman

The U.S. National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences has awarded 59 researchers with postdoctoral fellowships to explore a broad range of research topics, from how planets are formed to the mathematics of data analysis and artificial intelligence. 46 of the fellowships are provided through NSF's Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships program and 13 through NSF's Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowships program. Both programs seek to bolster the future U.S. scientific workforce by supporting recent doctoral recipients as they embark on their scientific career.

Darryl Seligman (Cornell University)
Interstellar Comets and the New Insights to Planet Formation They Provide*

* includes funding provided to NSF by Charles Simonyi

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Darryl Seligman
Dr. Darryl Seligman