Don Banfield

Senior Visiting Scientist, CCAPS


Don Banfield is an expert in the dynamics and structure of both giant and terrestrial planet atmospheres. He has used ground-based and spacecraft-based observations, theory and modeling to understand planetary atmospheres. He has participated in planetary missions from Voyager II, Galileo, Mars Polar Lander, Mars Exploration Rovers (MER), Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, through to InSight and Mars2020. He is currently developing the next generation of instruments for the in situ study of terrestrial planet surface-atmosphere interactions, and planetary atmospheres in general. He currently serves as the Goals Committee Chair of MEPAG (Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group)."

Research Focus

“Active Research Projects:

Co-I NASA’s Mars InSight Discovery Mission

Co-I NASA’s Mars2020 MEDA Instrument Science Team

Development of a Martian Sonic Anemometer

Development of a Planetary Polarization Nephelometer

Development of a Saltation Sensor

Traveling wave-initiated condensation and the anomalous stability of Mars’ Polar Vortices

Changes in the axial tilt of Titan’s atmosphere as observed in Cassini Imaging

Saturn’s shape, wind profiles, methane distribution and Helium abundance from Cassini VIMS stellar occultations”


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