Climate & Diversity Committee Updates

By: Dept. of Astronomy, CCAPS, 
Tue, 03/23/2021

We hold monthly meetings and all members of the Astronomy Department and the Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science are welcome to join.

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Summary of our last meeting:

During the March meeting of the Climate and Diversity Committee, graduate and field assistant representatives on the department admissions committee gave updates about the changes to the grad admissions process this year. For the first time, representatives from outside the faculty were able to give feedback on admitted student statements of purpose. Discussions are continuing in the department -- and across the graduate school -- about the best way to include peer feedback in the admissions process, while respecting the privacy of applicants. The committee also discussed forming a Recommendations Subcommittee in order to synthesize ongoing discussions about grounding our work in the Departmental Values statement and about "seeds for change" sourced from community input / AAS recommendations / AIP team-up report. This subcommittee will prioritize actionable items for all department and center stakeholder groups, and these findings will ground a document of recommended actions that will be formally presented to departmental leadership by the committee. Additionally, the committee discussed ways to further engage the departmental community in our work -- the possibility of a departmental town hall or hosting events outside of regularly-scheduled C&DC meetings was discussed.

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